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Accommodation - What Is Accommodation?


Calculators can be used for accommodation.

Accommodations for math, such as using a calculator, help students learn.

  1. Accommodations are the changes made in an activity, program, facility, public place, or home to help people with disabilities. Accommodations help people participate in activities, gain access to facilities, and to perform tasks at work, home, or in public places as independently as possible. In special education programs, accommodations on a child's IEP help her learn more effectively.
  2. Jean Piaget’s learning theory that, when learning new information, humans may change their understanding of an idea to incorporate the new information into their previous understanding of an idea. For example, a child may learn that “food is good.” Later, he may taste a food he does not like. His understanding of food would then change to “some food is good, and some tastes bad.”
Also Known As: accommodations, adaptations, modifications
Common Misspellings: accomodations
Accommodations help people with disabilities participate in activities by minimizing the impact of their disability on the task. Accommodations can help people perform tasks as well as--or better than-- their peers.

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