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Accommodation Plans - How Accommodation Plans Help Your Child Learn


Updated June 26, 2014

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Definition: Accommodation plans are important for children identified with learning disabilities and other types of disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or Section 504.

What are accommodation plans?

An accommodation plan is a written set of instructions that detail specific strategies and practices that will be used to:

  • Communicate to teachers what strategies and practices will be used to ensure that a student's learning needs are met.
  • Detail any specialized learning materials or equipment needed for the child's instruction or physical needs.
  • Explain any classwork or homework modifications the child will receive.
  • List any additional support services the child may need to benefit from education.
  • Explain any grading or assessment changes the student will receive.
  • Detail the strategies used for behavior modification plans.
  • Specify how the parents or guardians of a child will assist with the accommodation plan, if applicable.
  • Detail the child's responsibilities regarding the plan, if any.

When are accommodation plans used?

Schools may use accommodation plans for students as part of:

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Also Known As: intervention plan, learning plan, 504 plan, IEP, Individual Education Program

An accommodation plan helps parents and teachers meet a child's learning needs.

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